Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bear River Bear Blues

First off, thanks to everyone who came to the reunion last night! It was wonderful to see everybody and I hope everyone had a great time. I sure did!

I thought I'd copy the lyrics to the song Austin wrote for our class. It was hilarious, and they did an incredible concert!

Bear River Bear Blues

If you're pickin' out a high school, go the the Bear River Bears
If you're pickin' out a high school, go the the Bear River Bears
Don't want to go to Box Elder, cause their mascot's an insect over there.

When you walk through the doorway eating breadsticks and pie dump rolls in the hall
Man you get excited cause you've left your middle school once and for all
You're the last freshman class at Bear River and oh how you're gonna have a ball

Ooooh, sit down at the school desk and listen with open ears
Dr. Jones throws books at people, but other than that you're gonna be bored to tears
It's that kind of stellar education that only your parents revere

Going out to stomps swain, dancing to songs at the Natatorium
Vice principal Gordon trying to catch smokers, she's nuts and she's on here own (she's got a video camera though)
We maintain nostalgia we feel from the bomb scare sophomore year, oh we weren't along

Mr. Munns announcing football plays, freshman year we took 2nd in state
We had a great theme song that made all of us relate

To that primal rockin' feelin that only AC/DC could create

(Both play beginning section of Thunderstuck)

If you try out for a play, don't expect the lead
Somebody has already got it, his name is Chad Huckabee

Don't expect a different royalty at the homecoming game
You've had Shelby and Lindsay for 4 years straight

If you're pickin' out a high school, go the the Bear River Bears
If you're pickin' out a high school, go the the Bear River Bears
Don't want to go to Box Elder, cause their mascot's an insect over there.

Oooh you've got to forget about Sky View, forget about the Bees. We've got the school that will bring them to their knees. No, no Mountain Crest, no, no Logan High, the Grizzlies ain't the kind of bears that'll really make it jive.

If you're hungry for some action and want to wear the red and white. Forget where you've been and you can bring on the fight. It was out year that they changed the BR to 98 at graduation

If you're pickin' out a high school,

If you're pickin' out a high school,

If you're pickin' out a high school, go the the Bear River Bears!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting Close!

Dear Class of 98:

I spoke with the caterer and she said that people can sign up for Saturday's class reunion all the way up to Friday night. So if

1. You are still deciding and you decide to come, then you still can, just rsvp! We have 130 people and counting coming, so it's going to be a blast!

2. If something opens up so that you can come on Saturday, again just let me know!

3. If you haven't paid, and want to not have to worry about it at the reunion, you can online at bearriver1998.blogspot.com

Also, I've got about 100+ pictures for the slideshow, would people be interested in purchasing a dvd of the slideshow for $3.00 ($3.50 if I have to mail it)? I will be putting it on the website, (hopefully).

Thanks again!
Emily :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Latest Update

Bear River High School Class of 1998:

We’re less than a week away and if you plan on coming to the reunion on Saturday August 2nd, I need to know now! We have over 100 people coming, so if you’re on the fence wondering if it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be awesome!

Also, I’m still taking family pictures if you want to email one to bearriver1998@gmail.com.

It looks like it’s going to be a nice hot summer day on Saturday, but if it does rain during the Family Fun part, we will have to cancel the activities at the Tremonton Library Park, so just plan on that if it’s raining. It should not affect the dinner as we will be in the mostly closed off pavilion at Marble Park.

We’re really excited. If you plan on coming, please email me and rsvp and pay either by sending me a check or paying online on the blog at bearriver1998.blogspot.com. Thanks to everyone who has let me know your plans, paid, and helped out in other ways!

Go Bears!

Emily Jensen

650 East 3100 North

North Ogden, Utah 84414

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Guitar Concert and Family Fun!

Dear 1998 BRHS Class:

Wow! I’m way impressed with the response so far! So if you are planning on coming to the reunion on August 2 and haven't rsvp'd yet, I need to know by July 26th! Again, you can pay two ways, with details on the website bearriver1998.blogspot.com.

Here are a few more details about the reunion on August 2.

1. We have secured entertainment through Kassie Norman’s husband, Austin Weyand, an amazing guitarist. If you want to see samples of the concert we will be treated to, see www.austinweyand.com. We will probably move the tables at the end for some dancing for anyone interested!

2. We are planning some fun games for the kids at the Library Park in Tremonton from 11-1. Bring your own lunch for you and your kiddos and let me know if you’re family can come. We plan on playing water kickball and a few candy games. Plus there are new toys and visiting for the adults.

3. I have lots of wonderful family pictures, but would love some more. If you would like, please email me your family picture for the slideshow, and again, if you want your blog listed on the website, please send it my way!

I sent this out from two emails, so sorry for the duplication since I am worried that some of my previous emails went straight to junk. We really want people to know, and if they can, come so spread the word! And please email me and let me know your plans!


Emily Warburton Jensen

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BRHS Reunion Updates!


We're within a month of the Bear River High School 1998 Reunion and I have some important updates! Please read the following items:

1. If you have already told me that you're not able to come, you can ignore most of this email except for item 2.

2. Check out the blog at http://bearriver1998.blogspot.com, where I have updated the blogroll with around 25 blogs of 1998 class members! Very fun! If you see a mistake, want to be removed, or want your blog added, please let me know!

3. If you are planning on coming, please not only rsvp (sorry to those who already have) but please send in your money for the meal (again, the pie dump is catering, with turkey tenders, rolls, veggie, and a dessert). The cost is 12.50 a person, or 25.00 a couple. They need a number by July 26th so please RSVP by July 26th! Also, please send in your money by July 26th! I have two options for you:

a. You can send a check for 1 meal at $12.50, or 2 meals at $25.00 to

Emily Jensen
650 East 3100 North
North Ogden, Utah, 84414

b. On the blog at http://bearriver1998.blogspot.com/ I have added two Paypal links. You can just click on the top for one meal (13.25 because of the fees paypal charges) or the second link at 26.50 for two. It's easy, just follow the directions and you can send a credit card payment easily.

Email if you have any questions or problems. We really need the money and rsvp by July 26th so we know who is coming! I'm excited to see everyone who can come and have really enjoyed hearing from you! We have some way cute family pictures already, so if you haven't sent yours, please forward it along!

Thanks! Emily :)

p.s. We're still contacting people, so if you see anyone, please let them know.
p.p.s We are almost set-up for a family fun day at the new playground at Library Park. I'll be sending an email in a week or so to invite you to a byo lunch at Library Park w/your kids. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1998 10-Year Reunion Info!

Dear Bear River High School Class of 1998:

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 2, 2008 for dinner and fun as we celebrate our 10-year reunion! We plan on meeting at Marble Park in Bothwell at 6:30 p.m.

We will be having the Pie Dump cater the meal and it looks to be $12.50 per person, or $25.00 per couple for turkey tenders, salad, sides, and dessert.

We are ready for RSVPs. Please email and let us know if you and any significant other will be attending.

We are still looking into entertainment options, so if you have any ideas, let us know.

We are planning on a family fun time at a park in Tremonton in the early afternoon. Details upcoming. Please let us know if you are interested in that.

We hope to add a blogroll of anyone who would be interested. So if you want, please send us your blog! We are also looking for family pictures to put together into a slideshow, so please send a picture to bearriver1998@gmail.com.

Emily Warburton Jensen (emmusic12@hotmail.com)
Heidi Thompson (htthompson@morgan.K12.ut.us)
1998 BRHS 10-year Reunion Organizers